The Challenge

Educational inequity is one of Cambodia’s greatest crises — it severely diminishes the life opportunities of our nation’s children and holds our country back. This crisis CAN and MUST be solved.

Leadership is the Core Solution

Teach For Cambodia enlists our nation’s top talent in an effort to expand educational opportunities for all children in Cambodia.

What We Do

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Alumni Movement

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Global Movement

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Become A Fellow

Our students need leaders and role models that can bring out the best in them. Unleash your potential and theirs through the Teach For Cambodia Fellowship, a two-year program with rigorous training, one-to-one coaching, and a network of 46 countries to learn from. Gain leadership skills you can take into any future career.

Strategic Partners

Teach For Cambodia is a proud partner of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of Cambodia and a member of the global education Teach For All network. Key partners also include E2STEM Education, The Weldon UK Charitable Trust, Susan McKinnon Foundation and Raintree Cambodia.

Get Involved

Collaboration and leadership are key to addressing the complex root causes of educational inequity. Be part of the solution.

Latest News

Now Hiring – Leadership Development & Support Managers (1 STEM & 1 English/Khmer Literature)

We are seeking a team of highly adaptive and resourceful learners to play an integral role in the success of our Fellows. This team will bring unique strengths in observation, coaching, facilitation, teaching, and community development. Project management, ability to learn, and belief that every child in Cambodia can achieve is a must. At A […]

Seeking: Leadership Development Consultant (CLOSED)

We are looking for an exceptional candidate with experience working and/or teaching in the Teach For All network to take on an exciting 6-month role in Phnom Penh. You will co-design and co-develop Teach For Cambodia’s inaugural 6-8 week summer training for a cohort of 30 Fellows, provide strategic leadership support and on-boarding to a local […]