What’s It Like Starting an Education Organization?

Teach For Cambodia’s CEO Moni Siv joined his first podcast interview ever with Ryan Allen, host of the KIX EAP Podcast, to share his experience starting an education organization in Cambodia. In this episode, they covered a range of topics such as the power of using education to build a nation, partnering with the government, and harnessing collective leadership among local stakeholders. 

Highlights from the conversation: 

When asked how TFC started and what motivations drew Moni back to Cambodia to begin this important but challenging work, he said, “I felt enormous gratitude for my education journey and support. The question was: what am I going to do with that gratitude for others?” This question led to the birth of Teach For Cambodia.

In creating systemic change, Moni raised a question: “How can we look at a system that involves a lot of actors and know our place in that system?”

On how he views the work and stays in it: “Education is a long game. It is intergenerational work. When you look at it this way, you will do things and see failures differently. You will celebrate small wins. You won’t want to give up easily.” 

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Thanks to the National KIX EAP Committee in Cambodia for recommending us!

The KIX EAP Podcast is an initiative of NORRAG, which promotes diverse voices in the education discourse, with guests from government, academia, or civil society. The host Ryan Allen talks with senior educational intellectuals, authors and practitioners from 21 countries in the Europe, Asia and Pacific region. NORRAG is an offshoot of the Research, Review, and Advisory Group (RRAG) established in 1977, which was funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA).