What We Do

Our Mission

Teach For Cambodia exists to solve the problem of educational inequity by enlisting the nation’s most promising future leaders in this effort.

We will recruit outstanding recent university graduates and young professionals—of all academic disciplines and career interests—to commit for an initial two years through the Teach For Cambodia Fellowship as teachers in high need schools, then support and develop them to become lifelong leaders and advocates for educational equity.

Our Theory of Change

  1. By recruiting and selecting a diverse pool of university graduates and young professionals to serve for an initial two years as teachers in high need schools, TFC will build a new pool of highly effective teachers who will work relentlessly to expand educational opportunities for their students and show that Cambodian students are capable of achieving at a much higher level.
  2. During the Fellowship, Fellows will gain an understanding of the complex challenges facing our children, schools and communities as well as possible solutions that are firmly grounded in the Cambodian context. They will develop very strong emotional and moral attachments to the children and community they serve, want to take on more responsibilities as leaders, and build an informed sense of direction and priorities after graduating from the Fellowship.
  3. As leaders in the classroom and the broader education system, and across all other relevant sectors, alumni of Teach For Cambodia will work collaboratively and leverage their Teach For Cambodia experience to create sustainable, system-level solutions to address socioeconomic challenges, build school capacity, and set high expectations for all children through their example and advocacy.

Our Vision For Impact

Teach For Cambodia’s vision for impact is that all children in Cambodia will have the academic achievement, long term mindsets, and habits needed to access life-changing opportunities. They will become informed and productive citizens with the choice to contribute to their society.

It is our vision that students will be inquisitive, invested in the intrinsic value of learning, and have ownership of their progress through their ability to set bold and meaningful goals. They will also understand how their studies connect to their community and future, which will inspire them to become lifelong learners and leaders. They will achieve success on national exams with mastery beyond regurgitating facts.

It is our vision that students will have the agency, awareness, proficiency, self-efficacy, and  growth mindset to be self-directive who believe in the correlation between effort and success, and value the personal growth born out of overcoming challenges more than merely pursuing the ‘easy path’. They will act with integrity and self-belief, having confidence in their own voice and ideas, while remaining open to others, and appreciating the power of teams.

And, it is our vision that students will develop the leadership qualities, passion and values necessary to promote and preserve national identity while sensitively and meaningfully advocating for progress of systems and ideas. They will demonstrate willingness, and the required organizational and interpersonal skills, to engage with and act on issues important to the growth of their locality and Cambodia.

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