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We are a home-grown organization seeking to reimagine education in Cambodia

Welcome to Teach For Cambodia. We are passionate about our mission and serious about our work, and we support each other to grow personally and professionally. Our culture is about creating learning, fun and a little weirdness. By weirdness, we want to celebrate our team’s individuality and the unique strengths and experiences we each bring to work.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our team!




We value our individuality but use it to empower ourselves and our colleagues for effective teamwork. We take responsibility for our own motivation, teamwork, and integrity. As a team, we strive to enjoy our work with humor, fun, and the celebration of our successes. We are committed to continuous learning for peak performance.



We expect the best of ourselves, our team, and our students. This does not mean we have unrealistic expectations. It means we have a sense of possibility, defining more broadly what is in our control and constantly learning and improving.


We focus on our mission and goals. We know our work is a long game. We must prioritize areas where we can make the most meaningful and lasting impact.


We know there is a lot of work to do and often it is not straightforward. Therefore, we must operate with purpose. We use data, our strengths, creativity, compassion and wisdom to plan, execute, and reflect. We persist through challenges. We commit to working smart and hard and deliver excellent results without burning ourselves out in the process.


We cannot achieve this work alone. We are aware of others who are also leading in this work. We strive to expand our influence through partnerships, respect and humility, and professionalism. We trust and enable each other to make sound decisions through focus and clarity. We harness the power of collaboration and foster a collective sense of the community.


 Meaningful Work

Our team is made up of passionate and committed individuals who come challenge themselves and each other to do better. Why? So we can create a better future for Cambodian children.

Our office is located at Raintree, the first boutique office building in the middle of Phnom Penh’s financial district. Raintree is a strategic partner of Teach For Cambodia and we are grateful to fight for educational equity everyday here.

We're a home-grown organization looking to reimagine education and the social sector. That means we are serious about results and doing what's right for the vision, mission and community. We’re a young organization, so you have a real opportunity grow and develop your skills with us!

Opportunity For Impact

At Teach For Cambodia, you have the opportunity to directly affect the lives of young people. You create a more positive narrative about Cambodia. You get to reimagine education. 

In our three years of operation, Teach For Cambodia has successfully placed and developed 85 Fellows across 15+ public schools serving 10,000+ marginalized children. These promising future leaders with diverse backgrounds and education (including degrees in information technology, science, engineering, law, international relations, psychology, social work, etc.) have committed at least two years to teaching in rural regions in Kandal and Kampong Chhnang provinces and poor urban areas in Phnom Penh.

By 2022, Teach For Cambodia aims to have 100+ Fellows serving over 10,000 children, as well as over 60 alumni pursuing careers at all levels and across sectors to ensure system-level change—from teachers, to school leaders, to policymakers, to social innovators.

Investing in Your Professional Development

The most important quality you can bring is a commitment to learning and humility. We will challenge you to be better and to grow each day, get outside of your comfort zone, and create opportunities for you to build new habits and ways of working.

Despite the pandemic, our team has continued to access development opportunities in-country and beyond. We want you to get to know local stakeholders, engage regional partners, take part in on-the-job coaching and feedback, and learn from some of the most provocative and innovative practitioners and experts on education in the world today. 

TFC team members have joined calls with Angela Duckworth (author of Grit), Salman Khan (founder of Khan Academy), Reed Hastings (founder of Netflix), Ju Ho Lee (former minister of education, science and technology of the Government of the Republic of Korea), and many more.

 A Network For Collective Leadership

Educational inequity is too big and complex a problem to solve alone... That’s why we don’t work alone! We look for leaders and experts within and outside of Cambodia who share the same vision for all children in Cambodia so that we can accelerate learning and impact.

Our key partners include the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Royal University of Phnom Penh, the global Teach For All network, school directors of public schools, Limited Resource Teacher Training, corporates including Raintree, ISI Group, and Deutsche Post DHL Group.

We aim to engage at all levels to harness the power of collective leadership in this work.