Students and communities are counting on us.

In 2021, Teach For Cambodia’s work feels more urgent and important to Cambodia's future than ever before. In the wake of COVID 19, with nearly half of the population under 24 years old, and Cambodia’s 3.2 million school-aged students out of school for varying lengths of time during this era, our country faces an unprecedented educational and economic crisis due to the learning losses suffered during this pandemic.

The strength of Cambodia’s future rests on our ability to urgently and strategically respond and recover from the impact of the pandemic in the months that lie ahead. Amidst this crisis, Teach For Cambodia teaching fellows and alumni have been going above and beyond to keep their students learning, and contributing to learning progress in their broader communities and in the system as a whole by training other teachers, building digital learning resources, and more. Your donation to Teach For Cambodia will help us ensure that 60+ Fellows and alumni can keep over 11,000 students in low-income urban and rural communities engaged in online learning, and advance the recovery that our country urgently needs at this time.

Our Reach So Far

Direct Impact

Over 11,000 Students

Teaching Fellows and Alumni

84 Program Participants

Public Schools

19 Schools with TFC Fellow & Alumni Presence


Phnom Penh, Kandal, Kampong Chhnang

Your investment empowers Teach For Cambodia to keep students learning and contribute to learning progress across the broader community. We hope you will join us in this effort.