E2 STEM Education & Teach For Cambodia to Expand Quality STEM Education Opportunities in Cambodia

Chairman and Founder of E2 STEM and former Member of Parliament and Minister of State at the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Community Development in Singapore, Dr. Seet Ai Mee, and CEO and Founder of Teach For Cambodia, Monirath Siv, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a six-year partnership between our two organizations.

Teach For Cambodia is proud to partner with E2 STEM Education, a non-profit STEM education provider, to help deliver quality education to Cambodia’s future STEM leaders. E2 STEM is working with the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sport to provide students in Cambodia with the opportunity to graduate with an internationally recognized technology diploma upon completion of 5 years of study (years 10-12 + 2 years diploma studies).

This is an exciting and ideal partnership: TFC and E2 STEM share the common belief that it takes leaders to build leaders, that ALL kids can learn, and that in order for Cambodia to meet its 2050 vision of becoming a developed and competitive economy, we need to expand quality education to Cambodia’s kids and help transform them into the STEM professionals the country needs.

Teach For Cambodia looks forward to placing some of our future Fellows in E2 STEM’s Phnom Penh public school at Preah Yukunthor High School in August 2018 where they will help educate and develop the future STEM leaders of the country.

Thank you, Dr. Seet and E2 STEM Education. We look forward to developing STEM leaders for Cambodia with you!

Learn more about E2 STEM Education and Dr. Seet Ai Mee.

(Photos courtesy of Len Leng)

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