Teach For Cambodia CEO, Moni Siv spoke about a collective approach to improving education system at National Conference on Teacher Development

  • 130 in-person and 500 virtual participants joined the National Conference on Teacher Development to discuss “Embracing 21st Century Knowledge and Skills in Cambodia’s Teacher Education: Policy, Practice, and Curriculum.”
  • Teach For Cambodia CEO spoke about a collective approach to improve the education system in Cambodia.
  • An important topic across all sessions is how to teach critical thinking to Cambodian students.

Teach For Cambodia was invited to join the National Conference on Teacher Development, jointly organized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) and the Capacity Development Partnership Fund (CDPF) (managed by UNICEF). There were around 130 in-person and 500 virtual participants and key education reformers in Cambodia in attendance such as: UNESCO, Phnom Penh Teacher Education College, VVOB Cambodia, KAPE, and JICA Cambodia. 

The conference was opened and welcomed with remarks by: 

  • H.E. Dr. Nath Bunroeun, Secretary of State, MoEYS
  • Mr. Ngor Penglong, Director, Teacher Training Department, MoEYS
  • Ms. Kezang Deki, Education Specialist, UNICEF on behalf of CDPF partners 

Ms. Deki expressed optimism and gratitude to have many important key stakeholders join this occasion to discuss education reform in Cambodia, specifically what and how to teach 21st century skills in the Cambodian education system. She found it encouraging and reassuring to have many partner NGOs represented, including Teach For Cambodia. 

The two-day conference consisted of presentations and panels from different experts in the field of education in Cambodia from within the MoEYS and partner organizations. Teach For Cambodia’s CEO, Monirath Siv delivered a presentation on a collective approach to improve the education system in Cambodia. He explained the history of Teach For Cambodia, the issue we are addressing and how we are doing that. 

At Teach For Cambodia, we believe that fostering local partnership is at the core of solving the complex problems in education. Hence, it was an important honor for us to have a seat at this conference and to share our work with other key reformers and potential partners. We have programs in place such as Financial Education, Life Skills and Entrepreneurship with Aflatoun and Credit Suisse, and AI-assisted personalized learning with Maths Pathway and the Future of Education Fund, and youth employability with Deutsche Post DHL Group that we are looking to scale up. The presentation by Moni evoked interests from other education reformers, such as Mr. Chhinh Sitha from Sangapac Anuwat, in the possibility of scaling up Maths Pathway to other public schools in the country. We are excited to continue this conversation and to explore different opportunities to collaborate and expand our work. We are grateful for the opportunity to share and learn with stakeholders such as H.E. Dr. Nath Bunroeun and UNICEF at this conference.

Read a full press release by UNICEF here: https://uni.cf/3BkQ7EI