Campus Leader


As a Campus Leader, you are Teach For Cambodia’s ambassadors from universities in Cambodia who support our recruitment and marketing efforts. You help create awareness and attract the candidates on your university to apply for the Teach For Cambodia Fellowship. You will organize Teach For Cambodia’s events and implement recruiting activities with the Teach For Cambodia’s Recruitment and Marketing team. How to Apply: Step 1: Online Application, Step 2: Interview, Step 3: Training.

Application Deadline

10 September 2017

To apply, Click the link below


  • - Current university students seeking an exposure to the fields of leadership, education, marketing and communications.
  • - Candidates of all majors are qualified to apply
  • - Minimum: 2nd year student
  • - 6-month commitment starting in October 2017
  • - Seeking 20 Campus Leaders


Create 5 recruitment events on your campus

Recruitment target of prospects

Get participants coming to offsite TFC’s workshops and events

Duties and Responsibility

  • - Initiate, organize and lead Teach For Cambodia events on your campus
  • - Be the point of contact for students in your university
  • - Build an deepen strategic collaborations with professors and youth groups
  • - Spread the word about Teach For Cambodia by running exciting marketing activities (e.g. videos, posters, flyers…etc.)
  • - Monitor publicity on campus ensuring all target groups are aware of Teach For Cambodia Opportunities.

What is in it for me?

  • - Gain experience in project management and relationship-building, by leading the Teach For Cambodia campaigns
  • - Get invited to Teach For Cambodia events and workshops
  • - Get exclusive Teach For Cambodia merchandise
  • - Receive endorsement or letter of recommendation from Teach For Cambodia
  • - Higher chances of becoming a Teach For Cambodia Fellow!