Campus Leader


As a Campus Leader, you are Teach For Cambodia’s ambassadors from universities in Cambodia who support our recruitment and marketing efforts. You help create awareness and attract the candidates on your university to apply for the Teach For Cambodia Fellowship. You will organize Teach For Cambodia’s events and implement recruiting activities with the Teach For Cambodia’s Recruitment and Marketing team.

Application Deadline

23 December 2018

To apply, click the link below!


  • - Current university students seeking an exposure to the fields of leadership, education, marketing and communications.
  • - Candidates of all majors are qualified to apply
  • - Minimum: 2nd year student
  • - 6-month commitment starting in January 2019
  • - Seeking 16 Campus Leaders


Work with Senior Campus Leader to plan and execute recruitment campaigns for Teach For Cambodia's Fellowship Program within your campus

Initiate, organize and lead Teach For Cambodia events on your campus

Be the point of contact for students in your university

Build a deepen strategic collaborations with professors and youth groups

Spread the word about Teach For Cambodia by running exciting marketing activities (e.g. videos, posters, flyers, etc.)

Monitor publicity on campus ensuring all target groups are aware of opportunities with Teach For Cambodia


  • - Able to plan and execute ambitious and successful recruitment campaigns on your campus
  • - Sourcing prospects to apply for the Fellowship Program
  • - Able to build strong TFC and Fellowship Program brand exposure within your campus
  • - Work closely with your Senior Campus Leader to achieve the goal set for your campus

Desired Competencies

  • - Good understanding of the organization and is committed to our mission
  • - Possess strong leadership and project management skills with high sense of responsibility
  • - Strong communication skills and the ability to build relationships with campus stakeholders and high potential candidates
  • - Be resourceful and willing to acquire new knowledge to improve current strategies
  • - Strong academic achievements

If you are unsure which position to apply, please refer to the comparison table below.


Senior Campus Leader Campus Leader
Commitment 6-month renewable contract

Part-time and Full-time options

Flexible working hours (20-40 hour per weeks)

6-month renewable contract

At least 10 hours per week (flexible)

Responsibility Manage multiple universities and a team of Campus Leaders Work in only 1 university
Reporting Structure Report to the staff of Teach For Cambodia Report to the Senior Campus Leader


Senior Campus Leader Campus Leader
TFC Brand Merchandises (Notebook, Shirt, etc.)
Opportunities for Professional Development from the Senior Leaders of TFC Minimum 3 sessions/year Minimum 1 session/year
One-on-one mentorship from TFC Staff
Recommendation Letter
Cash allowance during the contract
Fast track to the Assessment Center of the Fellowship
Fast track to future part-time/full-time job opportunities at TFC
Office use (as needed)


  • Can I apply for both Senior Campus Leader and Campus Leader?

No. You can choose only one because each position requires different commitment and competency levels.

  • What is the application process?

Application process has two parts:

  1. 1. Online Application
  2. 2. Interview

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview. If you pass the interview, you will be invited to the training!

  • What’s in it for me?

The Senior Campus Leader and Campus Leader have different levels of benefits. However, both join a global network of young leaders in 48 countries around the world building campaign for educational equity and identify outstanding people to participate in the Teach For program.

  • - Gain invaluable experiences in project management and relationship-building
  • - Get invited to Teach For Cambodia events and workshops
  • - Get exclusive Teach For Cambodia merchandise
  • - Receive endorsement, certificate and letter of recommendation
  • - Gain insights about education and social impact
  • - Higher chances of becoming a Teach For Cambodia Fellow!


  • What should I do if I’m experiencing a technical difficulty?

We’re sorry you’re having trouble! Please email us at so we can help you problem-solve.

  • What are the tips to have an appealing application?
  • Resume should be one page in length
  • Check carefully for readability, spelling and grammar errors

Familiarize yourself with Teach For Cambodia and Teach For All model