We are a local, not-for-profit startup organization dedicated to unleashing the potential of all children in Cambodia

  • What if you were surrounded by passionate people everyday who believed as strongly as you do in the potential of all children in Cambodia?
  • What if being around these people energized and empowered you everyday to become better than you ever thought you could be?
  • What if you could accelerate your potential so that you could make a real impact?

Welcome to Teach For Cambodia. We are a young organization with big dreams and goals. To create a better future for Cambodian children, we are willing to invest in our learning and leadership everyday.

We believe the future is here. It's time to focus. It's time to shape the future, and shape it now. 


Teach For Cambodia's core values are the heart of the organization

Locally Rooted, Globally Informed

We are empowered by local history, perspectives, needs, and opportunities to addressing educational inequity. We work in meaningful partnerships with key stakeholders in the public and private sector – all while growing our insights on best practices outside of our country to innovate and maximize our impact locally.


We set bold, measurable visions, act with urgency, and invest others in working towards them. We approach our work in resourceful, strategic, and purposeful ways to ensure the best outcomes for the organization and mission. We persevere in the face of adversity, align our beliefs and actions, assume personal responsibility for result, and operate from a place of wholeness and asset-based view.


We value the diversity of our team and operate with respect and kindness. We seek to empower and challenge each other to be at our best, so that we can achieve a collective impact. We have fun in the process of making an impact together!

Respect & Humility

We value all who are engaged in this challenging work. We keep in mind the limitations of our own experiences and actively seek out diverse perspectives and expertise to build our capacity so we can be effective in our service to the vision and mission.

Constant Learning

We reflect on past experiences and data to draw lessons for improvement. We take ownership of our work while greeting new ideas and feedback openly. We are committed to grow our learning in problem-solving, engaging in honest self-reflection and making the choices in the best interests of our organization and mission.


Why our people love coming to work everyday

 Mission-Oriented Work Environment

Our team is made up of passionate and committed individuals who love coming to work everyday and challenging themselves and each other to do better. Why? So we can create a better future for Cambodian children.

Our office is located at Raintree Cambodia, a new boutique office building in the middle of Phnom Penh’s financial district. Raintree is a strategic partner of Teach For Cambodia and we love that we get to fight for educational equity everyday from here.

We’re a startup not-for-profit organization. That means we are very serious about results and doing what's right for the vision, mission and our people. We offer a flexible vacation policy, medical allowance, and honor the public holiday schedule. We’re doing a lot of things for the very first time so you have the chance to help us build an enduring organization.

A Serious Commitment to Professional Development

The most important quality you can bring is a proactive commitment to learning and humility. We will challenge you to be better and to grow each day, get outside of your comfort zone, and unlearn in order to relearn.

We will send you to conferences, bring in outside expertise, provide on-the-job coaching and feedback, and give you access to some of the most provocative and innovative practitioners and experts on education in the world today.


Opportunity For Impact

In our first year, our 35 Fellows will have the opportunity to impact 6,000 lives. In our second year, our 75 Fellows will reach 13,000 lives. In five years, our 200 Fellows and alumni will have reached 40,000 lives. The lessons learned along the way will fuel how we adapt and innovate to make an even greater impact.

 A Network For Collective Leadership

Educational inequity is too big and complex a problem to solve alone... That’s why we don’t work alone! We look for leaders and experts within and outside of Cambodia who share the same vision -- unleash the potential of all children -- so that we can accelerate our learning and impact.


Our work would not be possible without our team, board, partners, and global network of champions and advocates. (Also, thank you to our family and friends!)

Interested in joining our team? Apply now!

If you don't see a role that fits you, you can email us your CV directly and tell us how you see yourself contributing to our vision and mission. Volunteers & pro-bono work also welcomed. You can reach us at info@teachforcambodia.org.

Staff Positions

Manager, Leadership Development & Support Deadline: Ongoing Paid Phnom Penh One-year minimum commitment
Executive Assistant to the CEO & COO Deadline: Ongoing Paid Phnom Penh One-year minimum commitment

Fellowship Program

2019 Teach For Cambodia Cohort Open on 15 January 2019 Paid Phnom Penh, Kandal, or Kampong Chhnang Two-year minimum commitment

Undergraduate Opportunities

Senior Campus Leader Re-open in November 2019 Paid Phnom Penh Six-month commitment
Campus Leader Re-open in November 2019 Unpaid Phnom Penh Six-month commitment