Susan McKinnon Foundation Supports Teach For Cambodia to Build Leaders

With the funding support and partnership of the Susan McKinnon Foundation, Teach For Cambodia will strive to build leaders who are purposeful in their desire and actions to help develop the country.

Teach For Cambodia exists to address the complex roots of educational inequity. It is our belief that leadership is at the core of the solution. By supporting Teach For Cambodia, the Susan McKinnon Foundation is investing in our intentional approach to leadership development in order to unleash the local capacity and innovation necessary to ensure quality learning for every child.

The Susan McKinnon Foundation’s strategic investment in Teach For Cambodia helps us make an immediate impact — through teaching and leadership in classrooms — and a sustainable long-term impact when these teachers become the future leaders and alumni of our program. The experience and insight they gain can be leveraged to help them effect system-level change through their future work in different sectors.

This August will mark the beginning of Teach For Cambodia’s Fellowship recruitment, a 10-month journey to identify, recruit, and select 30 dedicated and passionate Cambodians who will make up the very first cohort of Teach For Cambodia Fellows. We aim to recruit men and women of varying academic, personal and professional backgrounds with the potential to be excellent teachers in the classroom and lifelong leaders for educational excellence and equity. Teach For Cambodia plans to grow the incoming Fellow class by 20% annually. We will scale to 100 Fellows teaching in classrooms by 2023 and 100 program alumni working on broader economic, social, and educational challenges that affect the overall health and well-being of the country.

We look forward to partnering with the Susan McKinnon Foundation to inspire and develop future leaders of Cambodia who are motivated and dedicated to building the nation and taking it to the next level.

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