Head of Talent Acquisition & Marketing

Head of Talent Acquisition & Marketing – Job Description

Full-time role; 2-year contract
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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About Teach For Cambodia

Teach For Cambodia’s hope for the younger generation—to shape the future of Cambodia—is a response to the shared history and trauma of the genocide that touched the lives of all Cambodians. Many boys and girls live in poverty and are forced into laboring jobs or migrating to find subsistence-level work. The education system is similarly challenged.

Teach For Cambodia supports the younger generation of Cambodians to build a new future for the country. We recruit fellows who share their students’ low-income backgrounds, nurture a deep sense of trust and connection between those fellows during the two-year program, and invest in building capacity to understand the problems of the Cambodian educational system and how they might be solved. TFC is now in its fifth year and has built a community of 83 alumni and 33 fellows who have reached 24,000 students in 19 school communities. Additionally, several alums from the first two cohorts already work in critical roles within the system, shaping and implementing national education policies. Looking ahead, TFC aims to grow its annual intake of fellows and expand to new provinces.

Teach For Cambodia is a leadership development organization, so we are looking to hire staff who can demonstrate leadership mindsets, experiences, and competencies. This role requires a leader with a record of achievement and professional experience as a manager of people and projects. 

Purpose of the head of Talent Acquisition and Marketing 

The Talent Acquisition & Marketing Team’s purpose is to inspire and enlist a diverse group of high-potential young leaders for each incoming cohort of our flagship leadership development program (also known as the Teach For Cambodia Fellowship program). These young leaders will be the change makers in classrooms and contribute to rebuilding our nation through education. 

This role will lead and manage an energetic team of three full-time staff (and regional campus managers) to execute an integrated recruitment and marketing strategy that supports Teach For Cambodia’s growth plans through the TFC Fellowship program. The emphasis of the role is on ensuring the ROI of talent acquisition and marketing activities, growth, retention, and candidate experience. 

Key Responsibilities and Measures of Success

Setting Vision & Goals

  • Set ambitious talent acquisition and marketing targets aligned with organizational goals
  • Set and oversee a high standard of operational effectiveness and efficiency 

Build Strategic Partnerships

  • Build strategic partnerships with universities and other external stakeholders 
  • Elevate TFC’s brand and create opportunities to reach and engage potential candidates 
  • Manage a highly professional communication process with stakeholders and candidates

Plan Purposefully, Execute Effectively

  • Develop talent acquisition and marketing strategies
  • Design a marketing and communication plan that increases brand awareness
  • Drive campaign content, messaging, and channel executions

Continually Increase Effectiveness

  • Monitor and evaluate the ROI of talent acquisition and marketing strategies and overall candidate experience 
  • Iterate upon selection model and process as needed to ensure vision and mission alignment

Cultivate a Strong and Positive Team Culture

  • Manage, coach, and support a team of direct reports to meet ambitious goals
  • Build and maintain the team’s energy and sense of possibility 
  • Align team culture with TFC’s core values

Management Team 

  • Provide leadership for the organization and represent the vision, mission, and core values of the organization both internally and externally
  • Work on critical strategic initiatives and issues to optimize resources and maximize the impact of the organization
  • Responsible for developing, managing, and monitoring the Talent Acquisition & Marketing budget


Required Experience & Education

  • In a data-driven role (e.g., sales and marketing)
  • Leading and managing people to achieve ambitious outcomes
  • Project management (including stakeholder management)

Expected Knowledge 

  • Sales and marketing strategies and tactics relevant to the Cambodian market 
  • Systems and processes to manage and monitor performance 
  • Proficiency in English and Khmer

Important Competencies & Skills

  • Developing leadership: develop mindsets and capabilities in self and team
  • Building partnerships: strong interpersonal skills to engage diverse stakeholders at all levels, build relationships and incorporate different perspectives 
  • Operating and managing for impact: set and evolve vision goals and strategy, execute to achieve results, empower teams
  • Generating solutions: accurately diagnose problems, develop relevant solutions and ideas, demonstrate sound judgment in decision making


Being part of the TFC team

  • Leadership mindsets and experience
  • Adaptive in an entrepreneurial and achievement-oriented environment
  • Represent the core values of the organization 
  • To Apply

Please send your resume and a one-page cover letter explaining your motivations for applying to jojo.lam@teachforcambodia.org and cc: monirath.siv@teachforcambodia.org with the subject line of the position. Please include your compensation/salary expectation or your current compensation. 

We will look at ALL candidate Resumes with extreme detail. Given the significant number of applicants we have to work at Teach For Cambodia, we will only have the chance to contact candidates who pass the first round of screening. Thank you for your understanding.