Teach For Cambodia’s CEO Contributed to Teach For All’s FIRST-EVER eBook

Monirath Siv contributed an essay titled “Interconnectedness” to Teach For All’s new eBook called What Leadership Do We Need Now? This book is a collection of 27 essays by teachers, students, alumni, and staff members from across 18 countries and six continents in the Teach For All network. This collection sheds light on different perspectives exploring the kind of leadership we need to develop in our students, teachers and ourselves in order to navigate uncertainty and realize our shared aspirations. 

On September 8, Moni joined three other authors in a book launch event, where he shared insights about what he meant by ‘interconnectedness’. He explored the question of how to create systemic change when you are a part of the system, acceptance of what the reality is in order to collectively figure out what we can do, and the importance of strong support systems for everyone—especially our leaders. The other authors present at the book launch event:

  • Ida Karlburg Gidlund, CEO, Teach For Sweden shared her co-written essay called ‘The Leadership We Need Now Is Not a One-man Band, but an Orchestra”
  • Nene Ibezim, Alumna, Teach For Nigeria shared her essay called “Harnessing the Power of Community”
  • Bright Unata, Student, Teach For Nigeria shared her essay called “Learning is Our Pathway to Greatness”

The launch event generated a lot of energy from 111 participants who congratulated, learned from, and asked questions to the authors. Although all the essays discussed shed light on different perspectives of leadership, there was a strong interconnection between the importance of education, community, and empowerment. 

To learn more about this book and read Moni’s essay, you can download the free eBook here: https://teachforall.org/LeadershipWeNeed