Program Manager / Senior Program Manager (multiple roles)

Program Manager / Senior Program Manager – Job Description

Full-time role; 2-year Contract
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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About Teach For Cambodia 

Teach For Cambodia’s hope for the younger generation—to shape the future of Cambodia—is a response to the shared history and trauma of the genocide that touched the lives of all Cambodians. Many boys and girls live in poverty and are forced into laboring jobs or migrating to find even subsistence-level work. The education system is similarly challenged.

Teach For Cambodia is supporting the younger generation of Cambodians to build a new future for the country. TFC recruits a diverse cohort of fellows, nurtures a deep sense of trust and connection between those fellows during the two year program, and invests in building the capacity of fellows to understand the problems of the Cambodian educational system and how they might be solved. TFC is now placing its fourth cohort of 40 fellows across 10 schools in Kampong Chhnang, Kandal and Phnom Penh. Additionally, several alumni from the first two cohorts are already working in key roles within the system shaping and implementing nationwide education policies.

Purpose of the Program Manager / Senior Program Manager Role

The Program Manager / Senior Program Manager role is at the heart of Teach For Cambodia’s work. This role manages and develops our fellows to fundamentally transform the lives of students and inspires fellows to become lifelong advocates for educational equity. At the end of a successful year of work, PMs will have built leadership in their cohort of fellows in the classroom, community as well as the long-term collective leadership.

They will be able to see students on a new path of extended life opportunities, due to major academic and personal growth. They will also be deeply involved in our communities and our schools; engaged with our school leaders, students and families. They are leaders in every sense.

To reach this vision, PMs work directly with a cohort of approximately 30 teaching Fellows. They regularly collaborate and problem solve with other team members to ensure the success of their team vision. They play important roles in achieving critical organizational goals in multiple functional areas (for instance, selecting new fellows, recruiting alumni to join staff, or helping out with development functions on program-related work). PMs report to the HoT who manages and develops them to achieve these goals.

Key Responsibilities and Measures of Success

  • Build Fellows’ teaching effectiveness and leadership skill sets
  • Build authentic relationships to connect with Fellows’ diverse styles, strengths and needs
  • Help Fellows to stay centered on their visions and operate with the most important mindsets to be great leaders
  • Support the preparation and implementation of Teach For Cambodia’s summer intensive training 
  • Ensure Fellows build perspectives and situate their daily work in bigger picture
  • Coach and empower Fellows for personal transformation towards high performance using different strategies 
  • Ensure Fellows  know what students need to learn in order to reach their vision
  • Help Fellows diagnose top needs based on student progress and gaps in their learning
  • Ensure Fellows pursue the best solutions and follow through with them for accountability and learning
  • Be a part of the community beyond the direct work with Fellows
  • Use student, fellow and alumni data to (1) inform and increase your impact on fellows’ leadership through providing effective feedbacks to fellows and implementing targeted skill/mindset training and (2) design narrative for internal and external communications about our progress & challenges on the ground 
  • Own and support broader cross-functional and organizational priorities (e.g. help select new Fellows, encourage alumni to join our staff, support alumni initiatives, updating information)
  • Manage, co-lead, and/or support special initiatives (,e.g. STEM education, girl’s education, student leadership) to expand life and educational opportunities for students in the communities 


  • Required Experience & Education
    • 2+ years of management or project management experience
    • 2+ years working in the Education System
    • Bachelor’s degree required, masters preferred
  • Expected Knowledge
    • Of the Cambodian Educational System
    • How to Design Strong Programs or Projects
    • Coaching, Mentoring and/or Adult Training Basics
    • Excellent proficiency in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    • Proficiency in English
  • Important Competencies & Skills 
    • Developing leadership
    • Building partnerships
    • Operating and managing for impact
    • Generating solutions

To Apply

Please send your resume and a one-page cover letter explaining your motivations for applying to and cc: with the subject line of the position you are applying for. Please include either your compensation/salary expectation and/or your current compensation.

We will look at ALL candidate Resumes with extreme detail. Given the significant number of applicants we have to work at Teach For Cambodia, we will only have the chance to contact those candidates that pass to the first round of interviews. Thank you for your understanding.