Meet our Campus Managers

Campus Managers are Teach For Cambodia ambassadors who support our recruitment and marketing team. They are part of a network of student leaders from 53 countries around the world with the collective mission to improve educational outcomes for children. Campus Managers lead a team of Campus Leaders to execute Teach For Cambodia's recruitment, marketing, and communication strategy.

Ms. Meas Sodalene, Royal University of Law and Economics & Institute of Foreign Languages, Graduation Year 2018

"I have always wanted to improve the education quality in Cambodia and reduce educational inequity. Moreover, I personally believe that interning at TFC is a whole new challenge for me to develop myself professionally and be a better version of myself."

Mr. Yi Chanreaksmey, Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia, Graduation Year 2018

"I joined TFC because I want to be part of a team to build an excellent education in Cambodia. What I want to see is that every child receives an excellent education and equal opportunity to study."

Ms. Heng Vongleakhena, Institute of Foreign Languages & Zaman University, Graduation Year 2017

"It is a great opportunity for me to grow both personally and professionally and be a part of something bigger than myself.  Also, rather than complaining about the education problems in Cambodia, I am doing what I can and I have faith in what I do."

Ms. Sokunthea Puthipisey, Institute of Foreign Languages, Graduation Year 2017

"I believe in the power of education and the unity of people."

Meet our Campus Leaders

Campus Leaders are Teach For Cambodia ambassadors from top universities in Cambodia. They help spread awareness about the Teach For Cambodia Fellowship program and motivate interested and qualified candidates to apply. Campus Leaders organize on-campus events and implement recruiting activities with the Teach For Cambodia Marketing and Recruitment team.

Ms. Oul Salav, University: RUPP, Graduation Year: 2020

"Education is the foundation that can make things change in the future. Therefore, I think that it is very urgent and important to focus on unleashing everyone’s potential in this country."

Ms. Oul Salav, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Graduation Year 2020

"I have a strong belief that education can be the cure to many, if not all, social issues. However, the need for qualified educators is one of the most significant issues in education in our country. Without educators, schools are nothing but buildings."

Mr. Chan Pirun, Institute of Foreign Languages & CamEd Business School, Graduation Year 2018

"As a Campus Leader, I will take this opportunity to interact with as many students and as much as I can. I believe that all these activities would help other people know more about TFC and its mission and purpose."

Mr. Lorn Reaksmey, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Graduation Year 2019