Two-Year Leadership Development Program

Summer Preparation
August to October 2020)

Over the summer, you’ll prepare to lead a classroom by participating in an intensive five-week summer training program (the "Intensive"). You will build a strong foundation for lesson planning and begin gaining classroom experience by teaching summer school with the support of coaches and mentors. You will also develop a deep understanding of the vision and mission of Teach For Cambodia. You will grow to have a strong sense of collective responsibility and urgency as a cohort.

Your experience at summer training will lay the groundwork for continuing to improve your teaching practice through ongoing coaching and set a foundation for you and your cohort to become lifelong learners and collaborators. At the end of training, you will begin your transition into the communities where you will teach.

Your First Year
November 2020 - August 2021)

As a Teach For Cambodia Fellow, you will be placed in a government school as a full-time teacher for two years - working in collaboration with other teachers, your principal, and leaders in the community to set a vision for your students.  You will balance a lot of responsibilities as a teacher. Planning and leading lessons, managing your classroom, and administrative work are all part of your role as a classroom leader.

To help navigate your first year as a teacher, you will receive individualized coaching, small group pedagogy support, and professional development tools and resources from the Teach For Cambodia team, coaches, and in-school mentors. You will grow alongside and learn from other Fellows, and leverage each other's strengths to create collective impact in your schools and communities.

In January 2021, you will commence your master's degree studies with your cohort at the Royal University of Phnom Penh's Faculty of Education.

Your Second Year
September 2021 - August 2022)

You will take the summer to explore an area related to education and increase your insight and experience through an internship or project work.

You will enter your second year with more experience and start to plan and implement initiatives beyond your classroom. You may work with your students or other Fellows to find solutions to the challenges in your school or community.

You will continue to receive training and support from Teach For Cambodia and start thinking about your next steps after the Fellowship.

At the end of the Fellowship, you earn a Master's in Education degree from the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

After The Fellowship
(October 2022 and beyond)

You will join a global network of diverse leaders who are passionate about making a positive social change from all sectors. You may continue working in roles impacting education, or you may work to expand opportunity in other fields including business, policy, law, and more.

Whatever path you choose, you’ll find that classroom leadership is foundational for long-term leadership and that Teach For Cambodia will continue to support your ability to become a lifelong advocate for education.