Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I join Teach For Cambodia?

Teach For Cambodia offers the unique opportunity for you to grow as a leader while having a transformational effect on educational inequity in Cambodia. It allows you to make a real difference for students, schools, and communities and equips you with the valuable skills, knowledge, and mindset to excel in any future career context.

The program is highly competitive, challenging and rewarding. Over the two years, you will push your boundaries and discover your true potential, all while working relentlessly to effect positive change in your classroom and in the lives of your students.

And you won’t be doing it alone. As a Teach For Cambodia Fellow, you will be part of a movement of smart, like-minded, socially motivated leaders and changemakers, both locally and internationally, with a strong shared conviction that every child deserves the opportunity to unleash their potential. Please visit the About The Fellowship page to learn more about your opportunity for impact.

What is a Teach For Cambodia ‘Fellow’?

The word ‘fellow’ refers to the passionate and committed individuals who we select to be a part of our program. They will commit to teaching for two years in public schools during their ‘fellowship’, after which time they will become an ‘alum’ of the program.

How can I apply to become a Teach For Cambodia Fellow?

We will begin recruiting the 2018 Teach For Cambodia Fellows in October 2017. The application officially launches on 20 October. Apply Now to become our fellow. You can learn about our application process on our Become a Fellow page.

How long must I commit to the Teach For Cambodia Fellowship?

The Teach For Cambodia Fellowship is a 2-year paid, full-time commitment, and it is important that fellows can commit to the full duration. After the fellowship is over, we hope you will stay engaged as part of the Teach For Cambodia alumni movement.

Why do you require two years?

Teach For Cambodia believes that two years is the necessary time commitment for fellows to have a meaningful impact on the lives of the children that they teach. This is based on our experience from other programs in the Teach For All network, which have demonstrated that two years is the minimum timespan to learn from, impact and have a lasting effect on your students and their communities. The fellowship is just the start of a long journey to combat educational inequity; the first step in creating a movement for change.

Who can become a fellow?

To become a fellow, you must have at least an undergraduate degree and be available to start full-time with Teach For Cambodia in August 2018. You must be able to commit to 2 years of working full-time. We are especially looking for young people who have leadership qualities, a solid academic record, and are committed to creating positive change in their communities.

When do I apply?

The application opens on 20 October 2017. Please see our Become a Fellow page for more information.

Where will I teach?

Fellows will be placed in government schools in urban and semi-rural areas in Phnom Penh, Kandal, and Kampong Cham. They will teach at the same school throughout the 2-year fellowship.

Do I get to choose which school I will be placed in?

Teach For Cambodia will match fellows with schools to help maximize opportunities for both students and fellows. To learn more about our matching process, please visit the How We Match Your Placement page.

Will I be paid during the fellowship?

Teach For Cambodia fellows will be paid a full-time teacher’s salary with a living stipend during the fellowship, in line with teacher salaries at the schools they will work. See our Salary, Benefits, & Opportunities page for more info.

Who will I be teaching?

Teach For Cambodia fellows will teach primary or secondary students grades 4 to 11 in government schools in Phnom Penh, Kandal, and Kampong Cham. Please see our How We Match Your Placement page for more info.

What will I be teaching?

We anticipate fellows will teach any of the following: English language, Math, Science, and IT. In future years, we plan to expand to include more subjects and to meet the needs of the schools we serve.

When will I start teaching?

You will start teaching at the beginning of the new school year in November. Prior to this, you will attend an intensive Leadership Training Academy to prepare you. The Leadership Academy will start in August and end in October.

Will I teach full time?

Yes, Teach For Cambodia fellows are full-time teachers fully focused on their work in classrooms, schools, and the community that they serve.

I’ve never taught before… how will I know what to do?

We are specifically looking for people who might have never considered teaching to be part of their career plans. So, we take seriously the commitment to ensure fellows are equipped to take on the challenges of classroom teaching through our 2+ year leadership development and support program, which starts with an intensive Leadership Training Academy prior to teaching.

During some of this time, fellows will live and work together to develop deep knowledge and understanding of the elements of excellent teaching including lesson planning, classroom management, content-specific knowledge, community context, and much more. Furthermore, fellows will be continually supported during the 2 years by their leadership development and support manager who will observe them in the classroom, offer advice and coaching, help with goal setting and data analysis, and run training throughout the year.

This training model is being adapted for the Cambodian context from the global Teach For All network and the "Teaching is Leadership" framework which has been proven effective for the past 25 years and now exists in 46 countries. 

When does the Leadership Training Academy take place?

The Leadership Training Academy will start in August and end in October.

Can I apply for the fellowship if I am not Cambodian?

The fellowship is intended for Cambodian nationals, however, you do not need to have grown up in Cambodia. We welcome applications from Cambodian candidates who have grown up abroad, as well as those who have studied overseas. On rare occasions, we may consider applications from people of other nationalities, but you must demonstrate a deep commitment to Cambodia and your potential for supporting long-term educational impact here.

Can I become a fellow if I don’t have an education-related degree?

Yes. We prefer fellows come from diverse academic backgrounds. Extensive training will be provided during the Leadership Training Academy and throughout the two-year fellowship. You must, however, have advanced English language skills to qualify for the program and access our training.

What should I do if I have technical problems with my application?

We apologize if you experience any technical difficulties while completing your application. Please feel free to send a description of the problem you are having to