Educational Award Package, Benefits & Opportunities

Educational Award Package

As a Fellow:

  • For non-civil servant, you will receive a full-time teacher’s salary of $415 per month which is competitive with entry-level positions in other companies.
  • For civil servant, you will receive $165 top up to your current salary provided by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

Transitional Funding and Support 

As with any new job, you should prepare for expenses that might arise before your first paycheck. Covering these costs can be difficult, so Teach For Cambodia provides a funding package of $600 (one time only) to enable fellows to join the pre-service training (Intensive Summer Training) and transit to their classroom teaching.

Note that Teach For Cambodia covers most food, accommodation, and necessary supplies during the Intensive Summer Training period.


Training, Leadership Development & Community Projects

Fellows will be trained, coached and supported by a dedicated team in Cambodia and experts from other countries to ensure that they can become effective teachers and leaders. Our training and leadership development model is based on the globally reputable “Teaching As Leadership” framework. Fellows will be supported to lead school and/or community projects and pursue internships beyond their teaching in order to expand their learning and build their leadership skills.


Career Opportunities After the Fellowship 

Fellows will receive post-fellowship career advising and opportunities from Teach For Cambodia, and our friends and supporters from the private and public sectors.

Global Access & Resources

Fellows can access global resources, professional development and cultural exchange opportunities with Teach For All’s global partner organizations in 48 countries.

As an alumnus, you will become part of a powerful network of Teach For Cambodia and Teach For All alumni (with over 55,000+ alumni from 48 countries, reaching over 9 million students to date).

As a graduate of the Teach For Cambodia Fellowship Program, you can access global scholarship opportunities for graduate degrees with over 100 university partners around the world.