Teach For Cambodia is HIRING! Let’s shape the future together.

Ready to shape the future together through education?
Because we’re ready for you, and so are our students, families, schools, and community.

At Teach For Cambodia, you have the opportunity to directly affect the lives of young people. You get to help create a more positive narrative. You get to reimagine education.

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Who are we?

    • We are passionate and committed young people who like big challenges.
    • We are locally and internationally educated. We come from institutions such as Columbia, UPenn, Berkeley, WashU, University of Hong Kong, RUPP, IFL, PUC, and RULE.
    • We are fun, like to learn, and sometimes we are weird, but we celebrate that about each other.
    • Sometimes, we end up on the news!

What do we do? 

We often get asked “What is Teach For Cambodia?” Most people think teaching or in an extreme case, people think Teach For Cambodia is a school. First, Teach For Cambodia is a home-grown organization seeking to reimagine education and the social impact sector in Cambodia. We are not investing in infrastructure for schools but in future Cambodian leaders through the Teach For Cambodia Fellowship Program. These leaders, also known as Fellows, commit to teach full-time for two years in public school. During the two years, they participate in our training and support program geared towards building knowledge, mindset and skills to optimize their impact on student outcomes. All Fellows are enrolled in a Master of Education program at our partner university, the Royal University of Phnom Penh. 

In our second year of operation, Teach For Cambodia has successfully placed 63 Fellows across 16 schools and is reaching 9,000 students in high-need communities. These promising future leaders with diverse backgrounds and education (including degrees in information technology, science, engineering, law, international relations, psychology, social work, etc.) have committed at least two years to teaching in rural regions of Kandal and Kampong Chhnang provinces and poor urban areas in Phnom Penh. In 2020 and beyond, Teach For Cambodia aims to reach 15,000 children and support its first alumni cohort in careers and sectors that can help ensure system-level change — from teaching, to school leadership, to policy making, to social innovation.  

Our team is passionate about our mission and serious about our work, and we support each other to grow personally and professionally. We want you to know that our culture is about learning, having fun and embracing a little weirdness. By weirdness, we want to celebrate our team’s individuality and bravery in bringing their full self to work. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our team! 

**All positions require fluent written and spoken English skills, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or higher in any field, and proficiency in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Google Suite applications.

To learn more about working at Teach For Cambodia, visit our Careers page.
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        • Position: Recruitment & Selection Managers
        • Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia (with travel within and around the city)
        • Reports to: Interim Head of Recruitment & Selection 
        • Employment Type: Full-time, paid (minimum one-year contract)
        • Start Date: ASAP
        • Application Deadline: Ongoing
        • Basic Requirements: Cambodian national, 2+ years of professional experiences in any industries.
        • Compensation: $800-$1,100 monthly gross salary, based on experience.

The Manager of Recruitment & Selection will:

  • Work closely with the Interim Head of Recruitment & Selection to execute an interconnected strategy to enlist future leaders into the Fellowship.
  • Be goal-oriented and possess strong organizational skills to plan and manage multiple tasks and deadlines.
  • Be a networked, persuasive and learning-oriented individual.
  • Take a structured approach to problem-solving by using data and relevant insights.

If there are areas where you do not feel confident, but you are open to learning, we welcome you to apply. You can let us know in your cover letter the areas you are strong, and the areas you want to grow.

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To apply to work on our team, please fill our interest form!


        • Open Position: Program Manager
        • Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia (with travel within Phnom Penh, to Kandal and Kampong Chhnang provinces)
        • Reports to: Head of Leadership Development & Support
        • Employment Type: Full-time (minimum one-year contract)
        • Start Date: ASAP
        • Application Deadline: Ongoing
        • Basic Requirements: Cambodian citizen (if non-Cambodian, must already reside in Cambodia)
        • Compensation: $800-$1100 gross salary, based on experience
        • *Women are strongly encouraged to apply*

The key job of the Program Manager is to unlock Fellows’ potential. The Program Managers work collaboratively with their Training & Support team to develop TFC Fellows to be reflective, self-aware and self-directed leaders during the two-year Fellowship. They contribute to the delivery of a 5-week residential Summer Training (“Intensive”) that prepares Fellows for the beginning of their journey in classrooms. PMs continue to manage and support Fellows throughout the two years through classroom observations, consultations, feedback and tailored support that helps Fellows meet the needs of their students and their professional development goals.

Required Experience & Abilities: Demonstrated growth and achievement in past experience (personal or professional); ability to work in dynamic environments; ability to analyze and draw conclusions from data.

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        • Position: School Relations & Project Coordinator
        • Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia (with significant travel required)
        • Reports to: Director of Community Relations
        • Employment Type: Full-time, paid (minimum one-year contract)
        • Start Date: May 2020
        • Application Deadline: Ongoing
        • Basic Requirements: Cambodian national, 2+ years professional experience in any industry (degree in International Relations is preferable)
        • Compensation: $600-$700 monthly gross salary, based on experience

Your Opportunity For Impact:

– Create a more positive narrative about Cambodian education
– Directly affect the lives of Cambodian youth and their families

Key measure of success

  • All Teach For Cambodia Fellows are hired and placed in school partners by November 1
  • School partners, provincial and district level officials report a high-level of satisfaction working with Teach For Cambodia.

To view the full job descriptionclick here.
To apply to work on our team, please fill our interest form!