Now Hiring – Senior Manager or Associate Director, Recruitment & Selection (CLOSED)

We are seeking a strategic individual who sets big goals for themselves and has a track record of achieving them! You are a strong communicator who knows how to use data, tools and technology to take your work to the next level. Not only that, you’re energetic, resourceful, and can manage and motivate a team to reach new heights.

We’re hiring a senior manager or associate director level candidate that demonstrates the capacity to become our head of recruitment and selection. You’re someone who can exert the leadership necessary to spearhead a campaign that excites and motivates 350+ outstanding Cambodians to apply for the 2019 Teach For Cambodia Fellowship.

Note: The Recruitment & Selection team at Teach For Cambodia is NOT an internal HR department. The Recruitment & Selection team works to enlist this country’s most promising future leaders (program participants) in a movement to expand educational opportunities for all children in Cambodia.

At A Glance

-Position: Senior Manager or Associate Director, Recruitment & Selection
-Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia (with travel within and around the city)
-Employment Type: Full-time, paid (minimum one-year contract)
-Start Date: Monday, 15 October 2018
-Application Deadline: Monday, 3 September 2018
-Basic Requirements: Cambodian citizen, 3-5+ years experience
-Compensation: $1000-$1500 monthly gross salary, based on experience

About Teach For Cambodia

Teach For Cambodia (TFC) has the vision that all children in Cambodia – regardless of their economic circumstances – will one day have the opportunity to unleash their potential. Our mission is to build a new pool of diverse and committed leaders who will work relentlessly in pursuit of this vision, starting by teaching full-time for two years in low-resourced schools through a fully-funded Fellowship program.

In order to do this, we launch a robust recruitment campaign to identify and cultivate qualified fresh graduates and young professionals – of all academic backgrounds – to join this highly selective and rigorous Fellowship program. During the two-year commitment, participants develop critical knowledge, enabling insights and first-hand understanding of the education system in Cambodia, and the challenges and opportunities in addressing the issues of educational inequity. With intensive training and support from TFC, Fellows help transform the lives of their students while enhancing their own leadership capabilities. Alumni of the program (and, over time, their students) will become the next generation of Cambodian leaders, change agents, and advocates in education, business, environment, law, government, journalism, social innovation, and others. Their experiences during the Fellowship will inform and shape their priorities and direction as they work from inside and outside of the education system to effect the fundamental changes needed to ensure educational equity and excellence for all children.

As a start-up, not-for-profit organization working towards an ambitious goal and mission in a challenging environment, we are looking for exceptional individuals who are self-directed, highly organized, learning-oriented, and strategic team players to join our growing team. Every staff member is expected to pitch in as needed outside of his/her function. As a partner of the Teach For All global organization, all team members are also expected to share knowledge and best practices and to work effectively with the broader global network.

While our compensation package is fair and competitive (in Cambodian context), we do not expect this to be your core reason for joining us. We are not just offering a job; we are looking for a purpose-driven leader to help us achieve our long-term vision and mission for Cambodia.

More on working at Teach For Cambodia

Position Description

The Senior Manager/Associate Director will spearhead the design and delivery of a cohesive and interconnected strategy to recruit, select, and matriculate the second cohort of Teach For Cambodia Fellows. Leveraging insights gained from the 2018 season along with the expertise of the global Teach For All network, this head of recruitment and selection is a hands-on leader who will manage and support a team of full-time staff and interns to source, select, and secure the commitments of 35 outstanding Fellows for the 2019 cohort of Teach For Cambodia.

This role (head of recruitment & selection) sits on Teach For Cambodia’s leadership team. He/she is expected to have the ability to engage in strategic conversations, provide data-driven insights that ensures recruitment and selection priorities are accounted for in organizational and mission-level decisions.

Key Measures of Success

  • Recruit & select outstanding Fellows from diverse academic and socio-economic backgrounds that meet our annual scale goals
  • Elevate the brand of the Fellowship program to become the most prestigious graduate recruitment program within 3 years
  • Build an effective and efficient candidate outreach and selection experience through research, data and insights
  • Build a high-performing, mission-aligned team and culture that aligns with TFC’s core values
  • Accelerate organizational learning through data management and insights

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Set an ambitious vision & goals
    • Ensure Recruitment & Selection team sets, defines, and meets ambitious but realistic goals that are aligned with larger organizational objectives
  • Invest in team & stakeholders
    • Manage, coach and support a team of two (or more) full-time staff and up to 20 student interns to meet ambitious goals that are aligned with larger organizational objectives
    • Build strategic recruitment partnerships with university faculty, staff and student leaders to reach and engage high-potential candidates for the Fellowship
  • Plan purposefully & executive effectively
    • Design and develop a cohesive recruitment and selection strategy that drives the team towards achieving our goals
    • Create a data-driven marketing and communication plans that leverages relevant communication channels, technology and tools to amplify our efforts, and content to increase brand awareness and boost application numbers
  • Continually increase effectiveness
    • Evaluate and increase the effectiveness of individual strategies and overall team campaigns by working hands-on with team members, conducting regular progress check-ins, and prioritizing learning & reflection for self and team
    • Iterate upon selection model and process as needed to ensure vision and mission alignment
  • Cultivate a strong and positive team culture
    • Build and maintain team’s sense of possibility and problem-solving abilities to navigate challenges
    • Align team culture with TFC’s core values


  • Success in driving self and team towards achieving ambitious goals
  • Ability to think strategically, analytically and with strong operational instincts
  • Actively seeks feedback to improve and make learning a priority for self and team
  • Ability to maintain positivity, focus, and increase efforts when faced with challenges
  • Ability to operate independently and as part of a team in a high-intensity, high-uncertainty startup environment
  • Willingness to invest in developing a high-performing team and to work collaboratively
  • Ability to build and sustain relationships quickly with a diverse pool of individuals
  • Ability to engagingly present to small and large groups
  • Ability to plan, adapt and manage tasks involving multiple stakeholders and dependencies
  • Proven time management skills and systems to juggle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Ability to analyze problems from different angles while providing and recommending feasible solutions

Previous experience

  • 3 years or more experience in strategic communications, media, PR and/or project management
  • 2 years or more experience hiring and developing a high performing team
  • 1 year or more experience developing and overseeing execution of strategy
  • Experience collecting, analyzing and using data (e.g. Salesforce) to inform strategic and tactical decision

Basic requirements

  • Cambodian national
  • Bachelor’s degree from Cambodia or overseas in any major
  • Strong alignment to Teach For Cambodia’s vision, mission and core values
  • Strong belief that every child can learn and achieve at a high level
  • Desire to work in an entrepreneurial, fast-paced, results-oriented, ‘growth’ culture
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills in English and Khmer
  • Two professional references

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation is competitive (for Cambodian context) and depends on prior experience. Benefits include a flexible vacation policy, medical insurance, dental allowance and opportunities for professional development and travel. Further:

  • All Recruitment & Selection team members are entitled to three weeks of vacation at the end of the recruitment season to rest and rejuvenate.
  • Receive training and support from a dedicated regional expert from our global Teach For All network and opportunities to learn from partners in 47 other countries.
  • Deepen your understanding of self, exposure to the communities, challenges and opportunities to impact our education system
  • Work in a vision-oriented and value-based organization of highly motivated and committed individuals
  • Be part of a “talent mindset” organization with an integrated talent management strategy aligned with our vision and mission
  • Join a team with a “growth” culture fostering constant learning, time-limited experiments and continuous feedback. This means that learning is a priority for everyone everyday; it is at the heart of all our meetings, collaborations, and projects.

Steps To Apply

  1. Let us know you’re interested: Complete the online application form and submit your CV and cover letter by 3 September 2018. Your cover letter should tell us why you want to work for Teach For Cambodia and how you see yourself contributing to the role, team, and culture of the organization.
  2. If you seem to be a good match: We’ll set up a phone interview. If that goes well, we’ll set up an in-person interview.
  3. If invited for an in-person interview: You will receive pre-interview activities to complete and submit 24 hours before your interview date/time. We may also begin talking to your references.
  4. If you are selected for the role: We will let you know as soon as possible! If selected for this role, you must be available to start by 15 October 2018.